Volunteers- We need you!

Want to participate but not an athlete?  Coming to watch someone compete? Or maybe you are an athlete tapering or injured this week and want to help out? We need  at least 60 volunteers to put on this event!  Volunteer assignments include:

* Water support (life guards, kayakers and paddle boards) to guide swimmers


* Course marshals to tell people where to turn and monitor cyclists

* Registration staff to check people in


* Body Marking– so we can identify the athletes

* Transition area help– setting up bike racks and directing athletes

* Start and finish line– handing out water, awards and monitoring laps

* Food prep and operations- providing nourishment after the event

Volunteers will get a custom shirt as well as race refreshments in addition to the satisfaction of being part of this fantastic event!!

Contact Paula Turk at 574-293-1683 or email Paula@StoneSoupPromotions.com for more information!