First time triathletes and open water swimmers

Triathlon is the fastest growing sport in America! And swimming is something we should all learn- it has so many benefits – exercise we can do well into our 90s!

Caution! Rock the Quarry might not be  the best choice for very your first open water swim or triathlon due to the depth of the water. For many people, it takes a few races before they really feel comfortable in a lake where you cannot see the bottom. Many courses are such that you can just stand up if you need to. Please  get some experience swimming in open water before participating in this event in one of the many lakes in the area.

However, If you ARE comfortable swimming in open water, you will absolutely love this rare opportunity in this fantastic setting!  How often do you get to swim in a quarry???


11 thoughts on “First time triathletes and open water swimmers”

  1. Will there be an option for people like myself who can’t swim? I’ve seen some triathlons have an option for kayaking instead of swimming.


    1. hi Forrest, Sorry for delay in responding to your question! Three possibilities here:

      1) We do offer a relay option, so if you want to find someone who can swim, could do the other two portions.
      2) I can find a swimmer for you- noting that it is customary in that situation for the person to pay their portion
      3) If you want to kayak, we always need volunteers on the water course 🙂

      Best regards, Paula


  2. Would you ever consider opening the pond for a day weeks before August 20 for people registered for the triathlon to swim and practice in Fidlers pond? Also what is the time limit to finish the triathlon?


    1. Unfortunately, the pond is only open to swim during the triathlon. It would be cost prohibitive to have to staff it up.
      If you are looking to practice open water swimming, there is a Wednesday night group led by Pete Colan (Spin Zone) 6pm at Eagle Lake in Edwardsburg. Or morning swims at 6:00 am just about every morning at Simonton Lake in Elkhart.


    1. Yes, swimmers can get in around 7am – 7:45 am for a practice swim and to get used to the water. I say “around” 7am, because it will be when our safety team is in place.


  3. This race looks like a lot of fun! Is there an estimate of what the water temperature will be based on past years? Not sure if I should bring my wet suit along or not. Thanks in advance!


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